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Product Range

Uppercuts are stockists of Matrix Hair Care Products. All Matrix products are available to buy through the salon. All prices can be found in the salon or by phone call to the salon.

Biolage Volumathérapie
Full-Lift Volumizing Shampoo 250ml
Full-Lift Volumizing Shampoo 500ml
Full-Lift Volumizing Conditioner 250ml
Full-Lift Spray-In Volumizer 250ml
Full-Lift Volumizing Mousse 250ml
Hydrating Shampoo 250ml
Hydrating Shampoo 500ml
Conditioning Balm 250ml
Conditioning Balm 500ml
Detangling Solution 400ml*
Aqua Immersion Crème Masque 150ml
Hydra-Seal Softening Mist 125ml
Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo 500ml
Ultra-Hydrating Balm 250ml
Ultra-Hydrating Balm 500ml
Daily Leave-In Tonic (Spray) 500ml
Hydra-Seal Leave-in Crème 250ml
Color Care Shampoo 250ml
Color Care Shampoo 500ml
Color Care Conditioner 250ml
Color Care Conditioner 500ml
Shielding Shine Mist 125ml
Colorcarethérapie Delicate Care
Delicate Care Shampoo 250ml
Delicate Care Conditioner 250ml
Delicate Care Masque 150ml
Organic Certified Oil 50ml
Deep Smoothing Shampoo 250ml
Deep Smoothing Shampoo 500ml
Deep Smoothing Conditioner 250ml
Deep Smoothing Masque 150ml
Deep Smoothing Leave-in Cream 150ml
Strengthening Shampoo 250ml
Strengthening Shampoo 500ml
Strengthening Conditioner 250ml
Fortifying Leave-in Treatment 250ml
Thermo-Active Repair Gloss 89ml
Thermo-Active Repair Cream 150ml
Anti-dandruff Shampoo 250ml
Anti-dandruff Treatment 6x15ml
Normalizing Shampo 250ml
Normalizing Shampoo 500ml
Defining Elixir 100ml
Shine Endure Spritz 125ml
Smoothing Shine Milk 250ml
Hydro-Foaming Styler 265ml
Gelée 400ml
Molding Souffle 125ml
Freeze Fix Hairspray 400ml
Complete Control Hairspray 400ml
Total Results
Moisture Shampoo 300ml
Moisture Shampoo 500ml
Moisture Shampoo 1000ml
Moisture Conditioner 250ml
Moisture Conditioner 1000ml
Moisture Cure 2-Phase Treatment 150m
Sleek Shampoo 300ml
Sleek Shampoo 500ml
Sleek Shampoo 1000ml
Sleek Conditioner 250ml
Sleek Conditioner 1000ml
Iron Smoother 250ml
Blow Down Leave-in Cream 150ml
Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil 89ml
Color Care 
Color Care Shampoo 300ml
Color Care Shampoo 500ml
Color Care Shampoo 1000ml
So Silver Shampoo 300ml
Color Care Conditioner 250ml
Color Care Conditioner 1000ml
Intensive Mask 150ml
Miracle Treat Lotion Spray 150ml
Amplify Shampoo 300ml
Amplify Shampoo 500ml
Amplify Shampoo 1000ml
Amplify Conditioner 250ml
Amplify Conditioner 1000ml
Foam Volumizer 270ml
Hairspray 400ml
Wonder Boost Root Lifter 250ml
Repair Total Results
Shampoo 500ml
Shampoo 300ml
Conditioner 250ml
Cuticule Rebond 150ml
Break Fix 195ml
Pro Solutionist
Instacure Leave-in Treatment Alternate Action Clarifying Shampoo 500ml
Design Pulse
NEW Thermo Glide Blowout Crème 150ml
NEW Fiber Shuffle Fibrous Play Paste 150ml
NEW Beach Clay Destructing Mud 50ml
Messy Couture Molding Paste 50ml
Glow To Pieces Shine-Wax 50ml
Quick and Dirty Matte Clay 50ml
Switch-Flicks Wax-Gel 100ml
Loosely Defined Texture Crème 150ml
Shape Scene Sculpting Paste 100ml
NEW Mix in Shine Brilliant Serum 89ml
Go Big Extra Strong Hold Mousse 250ml
Hair Lock Extra Strong Hold Hairspray 400ml
Defining Edge Strong Hold Gel 200ml
Rock Solid Gel 200ml
Zoom Force Fix Spray 200ml

Cloud 9 Micro Straighteners £54.95
Cloud 9 Straighteners £129.00
Cloud 9 Wide Straighteners £129.00